Veenalayam School of Music

Toronto, Ontario
647-808-5764 |

Veenalayam School of Music was founded in 2001, by renowned Veena Artist Smt. Jeyanthe Ratnakumar in Canada with the sole vision of imparting her knowledge of musicology of veena to her aspiring students.

The objective of Veenalayam is to train and guide devoted students to realize their artistic potential and seek fulfillment in learning Veena.

The study of historic and scientific classical music, Veena, is a highly disciplined process and is meant to enrich the students with the theoretical and practical knowledge of classical music. Learning Veena not only enriches the student’s creative instincts and also broadens their understanding of their cultures and various forms of art.

Veenalayam organizes annual concerts, workshops, and other public cultural performances to create awareness to enhance the students’ accomplishments.

Veenalayam annually conducts examinations (practical & Theory). The exams conducted to upgrade and above all inspire the students.

Veenalayam collaborates with the world renowned Veena Artist from India, “Sri Kanchi Kama Koti Peetam asthana vidwan” Rajhesh Vaidhya, to encourage and bring forth the students potential as an artist. Annually, Veenalayam invites Sri Rajhesh Vaidhya to work with Veenalayam students to conduct workshops and help students to fine tune their Veena techniques. Veenalayam also organizes concerts of Sri Rajhesh Vaidhya that is held in Canada.

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