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“UTHAYAN”, a Tamil weekly newspaper is published by Uthayan Publishers across Canada. A pioneer in journalism, ‘Uthayan’ started its publications in the year 1994 and steadily inching towards its Silver Jubilee with huge distribution and reputation in Canada. From its inception, the ‘Uthayan’ has become a part of Canadian life for many people and communities. The success of ‘Uthayan’ can be attributed to its multiculturalism, dynamism and authenticity. With its operations and headquarters in Toronto, the financial and economic capital of Canada, Uthayan gives the latest news to its customer at the right time.

A forerunner in the print media, ‘Uthayan’ is the No.1 weekly newspaper among the South Asian communities in Canada. The newspaper distribution reaches GTA, major cities and towns in Ontario province which is the heart of social and economic foundation of developed Canada. Uthayan has been circulated widely free of charge for the past 19 years predominantly to the South Asian communities. We have seen a steady increase of circulation over the years and of late, we have reached more than 15000 circulations.

Having more than 200, 000 readers stands out from others and proves to be leader in the list of opinion makers in the Canadian print media industry. In this fast paced and technology driven market, ‘Uthayan’ has coped in the best possible way and delivered to its customer the news that they are in need. As a responsible journal, ‘Uthayan’ has always remembered and ensured that liberty line is never crossed under any circumstance and it knows the rights, obligations and duties which are to be delivered to the public and the community at large.

We are proud to establish our development in the past few years with almost 20% year on year on readership and the circulation has increased unbelievably with 10% in the last 2 years. This achievement is only possible with our customers, corporate clients and Governmental association who continue to believe in our success and in every endeavor that we proceed. The specialized customer service and customized advertising needs are Unique and the individual attention to all on servicing helps both clients and us in a Win-Win situation. We cater to all the advertising needs of individual customers, corporate sectors and many government organizations. The Website of ‘Uthayan’ serves the need of all Tamil reading customers across Canada and the webpage visits reached around 350,000 every month and the website is www.canadauthayan.ca.

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