Thooral Magazine

4040 McCowan Square PO, Scarborough, ON, M1H 0A4

Thooral is a print destination for the Tamil people who want to get at the most entertaining news around the world. Our goal is to add to their knowledge of the world, helping them enjoy its pleasure and deal with its complexity. Touch Media Inc publishes Thooral Magazine quarterly, four times a year. With editors and contributors who travel to or live in the capitals of the world, are out there in the front line of entertainment.

Each issue of Thooral has a variety of sections filled with everything that the entertainment lovers need, as well as the best pieces of useful information from around the world.

The success of Thooral has always been due in part to the highest integrity with which the magazine treats its customers and to the countless number of quality products it offers to thousands of satisfied Tamil Readers. Thooral markets a wide variety of niche products to a wide variety of customers. Some of its greatest successes in the book division include works on wide-ranging topics such as food, health, child care, parenting and home improvement to name a few.

Magazines are circulated among seniors, Housewives, Adults, Kids, Teenagers, and Professionals. It is distributed to production and process plants, suppliers and distributors, businessmen, consultants and trade associations in Canada.

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