Mercury Tax

80 Nashdene road, Suite B26, Toronto, ON, M1V 5E4
416-566-3673 / 416-265-3346


1) Taxation
a) Invidual Taxation (Personal) with EFILE
b) Coporate Tax filing  with EFILE
c) Non Profit Corporation filing
d) US Tax filing
e) International Taxation
f) Province tax filing
g) CRA Appeal Services
j) CRA representation

2) Book keeping and Accounting

a) Small and Medium Business Accounting
b) Mobile Accounting  Services
c) Online Accounting Services
d) Online Portal Accounting
e) Preparation of Financial Statements.

3) One time Services
a) Payroll Services
b) HST filing Services
c) Financial Statements cerification
d) Business Plan and Financial Plan
e) Project Evaluations and Project report
f) Consultation on personal affairs
g) Business buy and sell consultations
j) Secretarial Services (sub office , phone answer)

4) Financing and Investments

a) RRSP Investments
b) Non RRSP Investments
c) Private Mortagages
d) Mezzanie funding
e) Bridge financing

5) Corporate Services

a) Incorporation services
b) Business Name Registration
c) Incorporation changes and reports
d) Minute Books maintenance
e) Share holders agreements preparations

6) Insurance Services

a) Life Insurance and Med free  Insurannce
b) Self employed insurance (disability)
c) Critical insurance
d) medical & Dental group insurance
e) Liability insurance

7)  Real Estate services

8)  Computerized Portal Services

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