Masters Driver Training Academy

1085 Bellamy Road, Suite 214B,Toronto, ON, M1H 3C7
416- 750-9191,

Master’s Training Academy welcomes every one. The founder has years of experience since 1988 in the Canadian driver training experience. He served Ottawa Carlton region. His school served Minto Management Corporation with their employee training.

The road lessons are designed to accommodate beginners with nervous background and to enhance the skills of those who have previous experience. We also believe that the applicants must be taught on mental preparation and awareness for the road condition to combat ever changing traffic environment.

Last, but not least that our company is determined to take the customer satisfaction, and industry regulations on top of our agenda to achieve a higher standard in the industry. We will follow strict guidelines in hiring and training our instructors to serve the customers with respect and courtesy.

Mr. Rajan Mahavalirajan qualifications included:

  • B.A. in Sociology Trent University Ontario Canada
  • Paralegal Candidate Centennial College Ontario Canada
  • In-Car Instructor Certification from Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada
  • Driving School Classroom Instructor from Ontario Safety League
  • Advance Classroom Instructor from Ontario Safety League
  • Techniques of Instruction from Ontario Safety League

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