Balasaranga Jewellers

3351 Markham Road, Scarbourough, ON M1X 0A6

Balasaranga Jewellery is one of Canada’s most contemporary jewellers, specializing in the latest variation of fashionable ornaments, ranging from gold, diamond, rubies, emeralds, silver, platinum jewellery and coloured gold. With the distinction of being the trend-setters in jewellery design, Balasaranga Jewellery has an exquisite jewellery collection in wedding, lightweight, designer and work wear for women.

Renowned for their custom-made jewellery, with a focus on designs for ‘career women’, they also provide opportunities for young, enterprising designers. This premier jewellery is managed by . With an innate understanding of the value of practical design, Balasaranga Jewellery was the first to launch a lightweight jewellery collection in addition to jewellery for working women.

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